Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's So Hot, My Crayons Are Melting. Hey, That's So Cool -- My Crayons Are Melting!

With the heat wave upon us this summer, you might have avoided bringing crayons outside because they could melt.  Let's turn those lemons into lemonade (with lots of ice, of course) and celebrate the fact that the crayons do melt when they are in the outside heat.  Here's how you can make some very cool, melted swirly art.
Materialscrayons, pencil sharpener or grater, paper, cup

Sharpen or grate some crayons and catch the flakes in a cup. Carefully sprinkle the shavings on the paper in a shape, design or message that you want to create. Repeat this process until your picture is the way you want it! As you sit out there in the blazing sun, the shavings will melt onto the paper and your pretty picture will melt to life! 

For a different effect, you can place the shavings on the paper and then trace shapes in them with your finger before they start to melt!

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