Saturday, November 7, 2015

ISIS Coloring Book Comic

*Adult Theme with Parental Warning

ISIS - Coloring Book Comic

Murderers – Real Monsters – Terrorists

We speak for those who have been silenced as the world allows terroristic behavior to continue. We call attention for those who do not have a voice and for those who are enslaved in silence and mortal combat against the horrific actions of terrorism.

Through Jihad, The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – ISIS - wishes to create a worldwide Caliphate and establish a global Islamic government to be run by Muslims. This neoclassic Comic Book on ISIS is real, factual, accurate, and shows the hideous reality of their radical, Islamic, Muslim, Terrorist World. This book has been referred to as a variant in the Comic Book industry. We show the truth as it exists in detail. We ask: Why and how does ISIS recruit? What will government leaders do? What will the political class do? What will leaders of faith do? What will you do should they come for you? ISIS is a real State with real consequences.

Terrorism is a human attitude designed to destroy other humans and to create a decline in society. The mind set of a terrorist is medieval. It is used to coerce, retaliate against and intimidate others. Some consider terrorism as a means to change political behavior in creating a state of fear and submission through murderous actions and deeds. The systematic terrorist wishes death upon those who support free speech, freedom of the press or people that support human rights. Through murderous jihad, hatred, evil deeds and death, terrorists think they can over-rule and destroy all who disagree with them. The radical terror Islamists ISIS will murder today, any Jews, Christians, Muslims or anyone they view as a threat to their Caliphate existence.