Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Friendly Kids Activities

In honor of Earth week this week, here are some suggestions of how the earth-conscious and the budget-conscious can come together with fun activities that work all year long.

Greeting Cards: Save the gas and expense of a trip to the store by creating your own greeting cards at home! Sit down with the kids and pick-out pages from their coloring books and have them color them. Then glue to construction paper and have older children write-out a message on the back, or help younger children with their letters. Visit for some fun subjects to have on hand. These books are all spiral bound, and 5.5” x 8.5” so they are the perfect front to a greeting card!

Flowers: A fun way to send a bouquet to Grandma for Mother’s Day or her birthday is to make her one! Save pretty pictures that are full of color from magazines and junk mail (you can even use the covers from your coloring books when you are done coloring them). Cut out ovals, circles or any petal shape you like. Use yellow circles of construction paper for the flower’s center and green construction paper for the stem. You can even decorate a vase to put them in, or wrap a paper cup with decorated paper.

Party Favors: Colorable placemats are unusual and fun homemade party favors for birthday and holiday parties. Start with a blank sheet or have the kids draw some basic shapes. You can also order them from!

Save a little green by going green!