Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fruits, Veggies and a Box of Crayons: Why Coloring is Good for You

On the list of healthy activities for bodies and minds every any age should be coloring.  Here are just some of the reasons why coloring is healthy for you:

Coloring builds muscles.  Gripping a crayon, pencil or marker develops the tiny muscles in your hands and fingers, which will help you in doing activities like writing, typing, and even tying your shoe.  When you make fine details or work to stay within the lines of a picture, you are exercising your hand-eye coordination. 

Coloring can be an opportunity to learn.  Use the pictures in coloring books to identify shapes.  Use the text to practice reading or finding recognizable letters and words.  Create your own sentences if none are provided.  Of course, coloring helps you learn all about color – the different names of colors, how they look next to each other, and even the unique feelings they bring out in the artist.

Coloring enhances creativity.  Yes, it is possible to think outside of the box when you are coloring within the lines!  Within the borders or lines the possibilities are endless:  create several different patterns and designs within the shapes on a coloring book page.

Coloring teaches patience.  It can take time to complete a picture and color in everything just the way you want it.  With practice and patience, you can see your progress on the page.  You can take your time when you color.  Sometimes you may even have to put your drawing down and return to it at a later time when you are ready to finish it.  Be sure to save some of your favorite artwork in a special place so that you can go back to them and look how you’ve grown as an artist.    

Coloring relieves stress and makes you feel good  Sitting down to color can be a soothing activity for many people.  You can listen to your favorite music when you color or even sit with a good friend and color together.  Drawing pictures of your favorite things or making a picture to give as a gift are two ways to brighten anyone’s day!

What else can you learn from coloring?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Giving the gift of color – a project for kids and grown-ups to do together

Having a party with a special theme?  Looking for a gift for a special artist?  A simply mauve-lous idea is to give a coloring book fit for the occasion with crayons thoughtfully made by you!  This is also a great way to recycle old, broken crayons, too.

Personalized Coloring Books

Candy molds come in all shapes and sizes.  Find one that fits your fancy.  Next, remove the paper wrappers off the crayons.  Break the crayons of the same color family into small pieces or shavings and place into a small, microwave-safe container. With the help of a grown-up, set the microwave to medium heat for 4-5 minutes or until all the pieces have melted.  Pour the melted mixture into the candy molds.  Adding different colors into the same mold will produce a crayon of many colors.  Freeze the molds for 20 minutes and the crayons will easily pop out.