Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Summer Art Show

     With the end of the school year just days away, it is time to start planning activities to keep kids busy and engaged over the summer.  One great project that can keep kids busy all summer long is to plan an August Art Show.  There is a lot to do in preparation, so you can plan activities all summer long.
     Set up a firm deadline when the project needs to be complete for inclusion into the art show.  It can be a good idea to make a calendar just for the show.  Plan to dedicate each week to a certain activity.  The making of the calendar can be its own art project.
  • Use the school year art they bring home.  The first project can be sorting through any end of year art projects they bring home from school, and deciding what to include in the art show and how they want to present it.  Do they need to make frames or stands for the artwork?
  • Decide where the show will be held.  Is this something that will be in the backyard or garage?  Will it be a small show in the living room or their bedroom?  Will it be all over the home with each room being a separate gallery
  • Theme or no theme?  Do the kids want to concentrate on a specific theme (Horses, Outer Space) or a general theme (nature, super heroes) or have no theme at all?  They can also decide on mediums (crayons, water colors, clay sculpture, models, collages, etc.).  The theme and mediums need to make sense to the ages of children that will be participating.
  • Don’t forget the invitations!  Have the kids make or help make a guest list and invitations.  They should decide how they want to send them (email, mail, or phone) and be sure to plan to send out invitations ahead of time.
  • What to do with the art when the show is over.  Set up a plan for what to do with all the artwork once the show is over.  Will they allow their guests to take a piece after the show?  Will they use their artwork as wrapping paper for birthday and holiday presents?  Do they want to send them to a nursing home or children’s hospital? Just be sure to find out from the home or hospital if they accept such donations.
  • Project 2, Calendars:  If they have enough artwork, they can use the pieces to make calendars that make great gifts during the holiday season.  You can print off blank calendar pages and they can affix the artwork and calendar to a larger piece of paper, fold and staple!
Have fun and get creative.  Make your summer art show a great annual tradition.