Friday, January 25, 2013

Retro Crafting Adventure

Has the hum-drum of winter set in at your house?  Now that the holidays are over the rest of the winter can be filled with cabin fever!  To keep from spending too many hours in front of the TV and video games, embark on a crafting adventure. Try some fun "old school" crafting ideas:  make paper snowflakes or indoor icicles.  There are tons of ideas online, but if you are looking for more instruction (and less time searching the internet for instructions) you can always try the retro crafts in Really Big Coloring Books®, Inc.’s Busy Book of Fun.  In addition to fun coloring, puzzles and mazes, there are great cut-out activities like paper dolls (for girls and boys), covered wagon, totem pole and tee pee.  They can play cowboys and Indians or dress-up with toys they have made themselves.  There is even a cut-out Air Force One, and a cut-out pirate mask.  A fun idea to integrate the pirate mask into another activity: wrap-up some candy or small gifts in foil or gold paper and hide them around the house, then draw a treasure map and with the mask you can have a real pirate adventure!  Cold days can fly by with a little imagination and a whole lot of fun.