Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Heartfelt Valentine

Here are some great tips for making your own Valentine.

You Will Need: Scissors • Glue • (3) pieces of paper
Decorating Materials: Crayons, Markers, Glitter, Foil, etc.

To make my example, I used a piece of pink plaid paper, a piece of blue construction paper and a piece of pink plaid paper.

1. Choose the (2) pieces that will make up the heart (blue construction paper and pink plaid). Put the lighter of those on the top (pink plaid). Trim to two-thirds the size of the (3rd) piece of paper.  Fold the (2) pieces in half, the piece you want to be larger (blue construction paper) should be on the outside.

2. Practice drawing the pictured shape.  Once you are ready, draw that shape on the outside of your folded papers.
3. Cut BOTH pieces of paper along the edge of the line you drew.
4. Separate the (2) pieces, but keep them folded.  Trim JUST the inside piece (pink plaid) to be about the width of your finger smaller than the outside piece.
5. While still folded, add glue to the edges of the smaller inside piece (pink plaid) you just trimmed, place over (be sure to center it before the glue dries) the larger outside piece, unfold.  Now the two hearts are glued together.
6. Now add glue to the edge of the larger (blue) heart.  Place it on the uncut (purple herringbone) paper.
7.  Once the glue dries, address and decorate your homemade Valentine’s Day Card.

• Use paper from the recycling bin, use cards from last year, or use some free coloring images from
• Put glitter in a baggie. It is easier to put clean-up, and you can snip the tip of the baggie to direct the glitter.
• If creating multiple cards, set up an assembly line. Finish step 1 on all cards, then move on to step 2.
• Aluminum foil is a cheap and fun way to add shine.