Monday, December 23, 2013

Ted Cruz - The Tea Party and Libertarian books are Globally Amazon's top selling #1, #2 and #3 Children's Coloring Book

Saturday December 21st, 2013: Saint Louis, MO: From Thursday Dec. 19th to at least today Saturday Dec. 21st the top selling children's coloring books on are: #1 Ted Cruz to the Future, #2 The Tea Party Coloring Book for Kids, #3 The Libertarian Book . All published at http// via Really Big Coloring Books, Inc (RBCB).

In a magnificent wave of un-anticipated sales the Really Big Coloring Book® (RBCB) publishing company of St. Louis, MO has landed itself in the top spots at globally based purely on sales revenue and updated hourly by Amazon itself. From thousands of top ranked coloring books to choose from including Hello Kitty®, to Star Wars®, Dora®, Sponge Bob® and the traditional Disney® classics among thousands of other titles, American parents and grandparents sitting at their keyboard in the privacy of their homes, have made these three RBCB titles the top selling kids coloring books on the planet this holiday season. Publisher Wayne Bell stated, "As a publisher we listen to what mom and dad say to our company and staff, we take notes. Parents are passionate about their children's future and they only want their children to be successful in life. We believe these books teach independence and individual accountability as demonstrated by the global success of the titles."

Ted Cruz to the Future #1 Tea Party Coloring Books #2 and Libertarian Book #3 on

"Due to the popularity of the Ted Cruz coloring books it has lead to the hiring of eight (8) additional employees to keep up with demand" stated, COO Ken Rich.

The Cruz to the Future™ book is a non-partisan, fact-driven view of how Texas Sen. Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz became a U.S. senator and details, through his quotes and public information his ideas for what he believes will help America grow. Cruz has openly identifies with the Tea Party and garners support from the Republican Liberty Caucus and many independents including democrats. The Washington Post calls Cruz’s Texas senate election victory “the biggest upset … a true grassroots victory against very long odds.” Texas Sen. Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz has become a rejuvenation for the Tea Party movement in the U.S. His 21-hour speech on the Senate floor in September 2013 propelled Cruz into the national spotlight. Cruz’s beliefs and actions stir much emotion in those following the political realm, he is a modern "superhero" to many and looked upon in adoration and abomination by some.

In house RBCB art talent and instructor, who also worked on many of the Ted Cruz drawings, Matt said, "You know I am not on the right or the left, I am just an American who loves making artwork for parents and their children. One of my goals is to help motivate children to understand or explore their own artistic talents through our company products. Hearing from parents is one my greatest sources of inspiration."  Matt is also featured in weekly RBCB How-to-Draw videos made specifically for children, encouraging and teaching kids how to draw and develop their own artist or creative talents.

On any given day the Really Big Coloring Books,® Inc. company products will occupy up to 25% of the Amazon top 100 (one-hundred) best sellers---on a daily basis.

About Really Big Coloring Books,® Inc.
Really Big Coloring Books®, Inc., headquartered in St. Louis, Mo., is a multinational company providing quality children’s teaching and learning tools and coloring book products for more than 20 years. Known for its market-leading positions, RBCB’s family of products is classic, colorful and unique. The company owns more than 900 coloring book-related domain names in several countries and is a trend-setting leader in the coloring book industry.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Really Big Coloring Books® Debuts “How To” Web Based Drawing Lessons for Children

Saint Louis, MO. Dec. 1, 2013: Really Big Coloring Books®, Inc. (RBCB) headquartered in Saint Louis, MO a trend setting leader in the coloring book industry, announces its complimentary “how to” web based drawing lessons for children. During the last two decades RBCB has become an industry leader in custom coloring books design for the US market and branched into Canada and Europe. Today the company announces a free web based “how to” drawing lessons for children with in house RBCB art talent giving the direction.

The company has become known for their classic, colorful and unique designs on a huge variety of educational coloring and activity books that range from ABC’s, dinosaurs, puppy dogs, zoo animals to social studies and fairy tales. Their cultural event series features modern topics developed into terms so kids can more easily understand the issue. Subjects include political events like the election of Barack Obama ’08, the occupy movement, the ever popular line of Tea Party coloring books for kids and social matters like bullying or manners. Also included are subjects on the Democrat, Republican and Libertarian parties with hundreds of many other titles and subjects produced annually for various businesses and individuals.

“We create, design, print, publish and sell products that reflect American values,” states publisher Wayne Bell.  All of our books are reviewed by teachers and educators to assure the content is acceptable for parents and their children”, Bell continued. “Providing quality products and customer satisfaction is important to our overall success and listening to what our customers or buyers have to say. Be they retail, schools, government, business or individuals, especially the parents, we listen and we learn from clients. In giving back to the community, members of our art team are helping to encourage children to develop their artistic and communication talents at any age. In this first series RBCB artist Matt a talented communicator and instructor, teaches basic line art details on how to draw everyday items.

“Hi kids, remember, just have fun, just keep on practicing and have fun, show your friends and family your cartoon turkey — art, visually and musically means a lot to me, says Matt, this is what I do. Thanks and we will see you next time.”

Really Big Coloring Books®, Inc., headquartered in St. Louis, MO, is a multi-national company providing quality children’s teaching and learning tools and coloring book products for over two decades. Known for their market leading positions, RBCB’s family of products are classic, colorful and unique. The company owns more than 900 coloring book related domain names in several countries and is a trend setting leader in the coloring book industry.

All the RBCB company products are manufactured in the USA by American workers.
To find out more visit: or call 314-725-1452.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Colorable Thanksgiving Placemats

     Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  If you are looking to keep kids busy during preparation and before the meal itself, some homemade colorable thanksgiving placemats are a great way to do so.
     First, decide the size and paper you want to use for the placemats.  An easy option on size is to just use construction paper and white printer paper.  Trim an inch off each size of the printer paper so that you can place it in the center of the construction paper and have a border.  For best results, draw your placemat before you glue it onto the construction paper but after trimming the copy paper down.
     Second, determine how many placemats to make.  Do you want to have them for all the guests, or just the children?  (It can be fun to have one for everyone to color!)  It is always a good idea to make sure you have extras just in case.  Also, make sure you have enough extra materials for a few mistakes while making your placemats.
     Now it is time to decide what you would like on your placemat!  Have the kids who will be making them draw a few things they would like to include.  For a quick tutorial on how to draw a turkey, visit:  Some other ideas are pilgrims, Thanksgiving dinner, cornucopia, pumpkins, fall leaves, scarecrow, football, or anything that is fun to the children making the placemats.  Carefully draw out the placemat in pencil, and then go over the pencil with marker, pen or dark crayon.  You can also use images from thanksgiving coloring books.  Just cut out the images and glue them down on your copy paper!
     Once the colorable portion is done, carefully center the drawing on your construction paper, and glue down.  Be sure there is enough time for the glue to dry before guests arrive.  Another fun festive idea is to use holiday stickers on the four corners of the drawings as a way to affix them to the construction paper.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Spiders, Skeletons and Bats! Halloween Fun for all ages.

Find this and more fun titles at .
Halloween doesn’t have to be scary, and it can be a lot of fun with homemade decorations.  There are fun and easy ways to make your own spiders, skeletons and bats and use them to decorate your home or classroom for spooky fun.

One easy way to make spiders is with black construction paper.  You will need (per spider): one sheet of black construction paper, scissors and glue (eyes are optional).  Cut four strips from your paper, about the width of your pinky, or a child’s pointer finger.  You can cut from either the long or the short side of the paper – just decide if you want long or short legs on your spider.  From the remaining paper, cut an oval for the body (the bottom of a hand sanitizer or shampoo bottle is a good size) and a smaller circle (cap from toothpaste or tube of lotion is a good size) for the head.  Center the leg strips along the oval and glue them on the underside.  Then glue the head on the other side of the body.  Bend your legs up from the body, and down halfway to the end of the leg strip (forming almost a triangle) and your spider should stand up on its own.

Another easy way to make a spider is to use a pom-pom as the base.  You will need (per spider): one pom-pom, four pipe cleaners, two pieces of string or yarn and glue (eyes are optional).  Take your four pipe cleaners and a short length of string and tie the pipe cleaners together in the middle.  Fan out the pipe cleaners and bend them half-way between the tied center and end.  Now you have eight legs.  Glue the pompom to the center of the legs (on the string you used to tie them together).  Glue or tie the other piece of string around the body of the spider.  You can add eyes if you like.  Use for table decorations or hang from the second string.  Experiment with different colors for the body and legs and have fun! 

One easy way to make a skeleton is to use cotton balls and cotton swabs.  You will need (per skeleton): one piece of construction paper, one cotton ball and 28 cotton swabs, glue, scissors and a marker.  First, draw a face on your cotton ball.  Set aside for the marker to dry.  You will add it to the skeleton last.  Cut six of your cotton swabs in half.  Set aside to use for ribs and arms.  For five of your cotton swabs, cut off both ends.  You will not use the middle.  Set aside the ends to use on hands and feet.  You will need six groups of two swabs glued together.  These will be shoulders, hips and legs.  Use three swabs glued together to make the upper body.  The two outer swabs will be even.  The end of the middle swab will be half way from the end so that it overlaps.  Glue your upper body to the construction paper.

Glue one of your groups of two perpendicular to each end of your upper body (glue to the cotton).  Now you have your upper body, neck, shoulder and hips.  Glue two of your remaining groups of two to each end of your hips to make legs.  Then glue the remaining groups of two to each of the legs for the bottom section of the leg.  Take four of your “ends” and glue two to each leg to make feet.
Now make your ribs by taking four of the swabs you cut in half and overlap the stick so that the swab sticks out of each end.  Then space them along the upper body and glue down.  Take the last two swabs that you cut in half and line up even, swab to swab and glue one to each swab end of the shoulders.  Glue your last two swabs to the end of at the elbow.  Take your six remaining ends and glue three each to the bottom of your arms to make hands.  Now glue the cotton ball to the top of your neck, and your skeleton is complete.

A more advanced craft is a balloon bat.  You will need (per bat): one balloon, one pipe cleaner or twist tie, glue or tape, and black and white construction paper (string or yarn for hanging is optional).  First, blow up your balloon about half full, so it is not stretched to the max.  If you blow up the balloon too much, it is easy to pop.  Twist a small section (about 1/3 of the balloon).  Secure the twist with one your pipe cleaner or twist tie.  Now the body of your bat is complete.  Out of the black construction paper, cut two small triangles (for ears), two small circles (for eyes) and two wings.  To make sure your shapes are the same size, fold the paper in half and cut two at a time.  Out of the white construction paper, cut out two ovals (for eyes) and two small triangles for teeth.  Tape or glue the black circle on the white oval and tape or glue the eyes, ears and teeth onto the smaller section of balloon.  Then glue the wings onto the larger portion of the balloon.  You can tie a string to your pipe cleaner or twist tie if you wish your bat to be hangable.  You can also use craft foam instead of construction paper.

Have a fun and safe Halloween from .

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Summer Art Show

     With the end of the school year just days away, it is time to start planning activities to keep kids busy and engaged over the summer.  One great project that can keep kids busy all summer long is to plan an August Art Show.  There is a lot to do in preparation, so you can plan activities all summer long.
     Set up a firm deadline when the project needs to be complete for inclusion into the art show.  It can be a good idea to make a calendar just for the show.  Plan to dedicate each week to a certain activity.  The making of the calendar can be its own art project.
  • Use the school year art they bring home.  The first project can be sorting through any end of year art projects they bring home from school, and deciding what to include in the art show and how they want to present it.  Do they need to make frames or stands for the artwork?
  • Decide where the show will be held.  Is this something that will be in the backyard or garage?  Will it be a small show in the living room or their bedroom?  Will it be all over the home with each room being a separate gallery
  • Theme or no theme?  Do the kids want to concentrate on a specific theme (Horses, Outer Space) or a general theme (nature, super heroes) or have no theme at all?  They can also decide on mediums (crayons, water colors, clay sculpture, models, collages, etc.).  The theme and mediums need to make sense to the ages of children that will be participating.
  • Don’t forget the invitations!  Have the kids make or help make a guest list and invitations.  They should decide how they want to send them (email, mail, or phone) and be sure to plan to send out invitations ahead of time.
  • What to do with the art when the show is over.  Set up a plan for what to do with all the artwork once the show is over.  Will they allow their guests to take a piece after the show?  Will they use their artwork as wrapping paper for birthday and holiday presents?  Do they want to send them to a nursing home or children’s hospital? Just be sure to find out from the home or hospital if they accept such donations.
  • Project 2, Calendars:  If they have enough artwork, they can use the pieces to make calendars that make great gifts during the holiday season.  You can print off blank calendar pages and they can affix the artwork and calendar to a larger piece of paper, fold and staple!
Have fun and get creative.  Make your summer art show a great annual tradition.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Friendly Kids Activities

In honor of Earth week this week, here are some suggestions of how the earth-conscious and the budget-conscious can come together with fun activities that work all year long.

Greeting Cards: Save the gas and expense of a trip to the store by creating your own greeting cards at home! Sit down with the kids and pick-out pages from their coloring books and have them color them. Then glue to construction paper and have older children write-out a message on the back, or help younger children with their letters. Visit for some fun subjects to have on hand. These books are all spiral bound, and 5.5” x 8.5” so they are the perfect front to a greeting card!

Flowers: A fun way to send a bouquet to Grandma for Mother’s Day or her birthday is to make her one! Save pretty pictures that are full of color from magazines and junk mail (you can even use the covers from your coloring books when you are done coloring them). Cut out ovals, circles or any petal shape you like. Use yellow circles of construction paper for the flower’s center and green construction paper for the stem. You can even decorate a vase to put them in, or wrap a paper cup with decorated paper.

Party Favors: Colorable placemats are unusual and fun homemade party favors for birthday and holiday parties. Start with a blank sheet or have the kids draw some basic shapes. You can also order them from!

Save a little green by going green!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Eggciting Dyes

With Easter just around the corner, it is time to dye eggs!  It is a great tradition for ushering in the bright colors and warmer weather of spring. 

There are lots of ways to end up with dyed eggs (just start with eggs already hard boiled).  There are easy to use kits you can purchase online or from a local store.  In addition to traditional solid colors, you can buy kits that will do special effects like marble or turn your eggs into cute animals with additional feet and ears.

You can also dye eggs using things around your house!  ¼ cup white vinegar mixed with two cups of water is good general base.  Then experiment with things you have around the house – just make sure everything is safe to eat.  Food coloring is an obvious choice – add drops to your base until you are happy with the color.  Chopped fruits (about 1 cup) like blueberries and strawberries can create some vivid colors.  Grated vegetables (about 1 cup) can give you bold greens and bright orange!  You can also raid the spice cabinet for unique colors (simmer the spice in water for about 15 minutes – then let cool and strain before adding vinegar).  Remember, the longer the egg sits in the dye, the more intense the color.

For very unique eggs, break out the non-toxic paints and markers and decorate each egg by hand.  This is a fun activity for older kids especially.

To dye without vinegar, use powdered drink packets (like lemonade or kool aid).  For each packet of powder you will need about 2/3 cup of water.  Different brands offer many different flavors that will translate to different colors.

For a tie-dye or marble look, use liquid water colors and shaving cream.  It can get pretty messy, so be prepared!  Fill a large container with shaving cream.  Put a few drops of your liquid water colors in different areas.  Then using a utensil or gloved hand to swirl the colors.  Then drop your eggs into the swirled mixture until covered. 

Whichever method you choose you are going to have a fun and colorful egg hunt!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Heartfelt Valentine

Here are some great tips for making your own Valentine.

You Will Need: Scissors • Glue • (3) pieces of paper
Decorating Materials: Crayons, Markers, Glitter, Foil, etc.

To make my example, I used a piece of pink plaid paper, a piece of blue construction paper and a piece of pink plaid paper.

1. Choose the (2) pieces that will make up the heart (blue construction paper and pink plaid). Put the lighter of those on the top (pink plaid). Trim to two-thirds the size of the (3rd) piece of paper.  Fold the (2) pieces in half, the piece you want to be larger (blue construction paper) should be on the outside.

2. Practice drawing the pictured shape.  Once you are ready, draw that shape on the outside of your folded papers.
3. Cut BOTH pieces of paper along the edge of the line you drew.
4. Separate the (2) pieces, but keep them folded.  Trim JUST the inside piece (pink plaid) to be about the width of your finger smaller than the outside piece.
5. While still folded, add glue to the edges of the smaller inside piece (pink plaid) you just trimmed, place over (be sure to center it before the glue dries) the larger outside piece, unfold.  Now the two hearts are glued together.
6. Now add glue to the edge of the larger (blue) heart.  Place it on the uncut (purple herringbone) paper.
7.  Once the glue dries, address and decorate your homemade Valentine’s Day Card.

• Use paper from the recycling bin, use cards from last year, or use some free coloring images from
• Put glitter in a baggie. It is easier to put clean-up, and you can snip the tip of the baggie to direct the glitter.
• If creating multiple cards, set up an assembly line. Finish step 1 on all cards, then move on to step 2.
• Aluminum foil is a cheap and fun way to add shine.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Retro Crafting Adventure

Has the hum-drum of winter set in at your house?  Now that the holidays are over the rest of the winter can be filled with cabin fever!  To keep from spending too many hours in front of the TV and video games, embark on a crafting adventure. Try some fun "old school" crafting ideas:  make paper snowflakes or indoor icicles.  There are tons of ideas online, but if you are looking for more instruction (and less time searching the internet for instructions) you can always try the retro crafts in Really Big Coloring Books®, Inc.’s Busy Book of Fun.  In addition to fun coloring, puzzles and mazes, there are great cut-out activities like paper dolls (for girls and boys), covered wagon, totem pole and tee pee.  They can play cowboys and Indians or dress-up with toys they have made themselves.  There is even a cut-out Air Force One, and a cut-out pirate mask.  A fun idea to integrate the pirate mask into another activity: wrap-up some candy or small gifts in foil or gold paper and hide them around the house, then draw a treasure map and with the mask you can have a real pirate adventure!  Cold days can fly by with a little imagination and a whole lot of fun.