Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hey White Crayon, We Didn't Forget You!

Materials:  white paper (watercolor paper is recommended), white crayon, water-color paint or watered-down poster paint, paintbrush.

Sometimes, the lonely white crayon might not get a chance to come out and play.  Here’s an activity where the white crayon is the star!

First, draw your picture or design with white crayon.  Press hard as you draw. Prepare thinned down water color or poster paint in any color.  Paint over your drawing and magically, magically, your drawing will appear right before your eyes!  Continue painting to reveal your entire picture.  Be sure not to get the paper too wet or it will begin to tear.  You can paint in stripes or swirls to create special effects.

Why does this happen?  The water/paint will resist the crayon, but will be absorbed by the paper.

This is a great activity to decode secret messages with friends or to reveal clues for a special family scavenger hunt.

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