Friday, June 1, 2012

Get Ready for Father's Day

Father's Day will be here before you know it!  Enjoy a free card to color: Father's Day Card

Other ideas for this holiday:
Create your own Father's Day book with drawings about the things you like to do to together.
Design an award for your father, grandpa, uncle or any other dad who has earned it!

Here's a Father's Day Activity to do together, called "My Dad Rocks"

What you will need:
some rocks
markers or tempera/acrylic paints & brushes
optional:  googly eyes and glue

1.  Go for a walk together, looking for small to medium sized stone stones and collect them.
2.  Both adult and kid(s) can participate.  On one side or the rock, color it anyway you wish -- with patterns, designs or turn it into an animal or people.  Here's where the googly eyes might come in handy.
3  On the other side, write down the date and even a message to or from each other.
4.  Repeat the steps as often as the two of you wish.  Now each of you will have a special memento of Father's Day 2012!

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